2020 Vision | Delivering Results for Our Dublin, CA Community

The East Bay has been my home for most of my life. My family and I have been members of the Dublin community for the last 26 years, witnessing and taking part in the evolution of our city over these past three decades.


My wife, Sylvia and I have been partners in life for 35 years and have raised two daughters, Lauren and Sarah.  Our daughters have been educated in Dublin Schools, preparing them well for college and for their careers.  Over the years, our family has developed strong friendships in Dublin that have bound us to this special community.


The values learned from hard work, listening, and respecting the views of others, have allowed me to successfully manage a 35-year career in finance and banking.  The last 20 years of my career has involved directing treasury operations for large multinational corporations. My formal education includes receiving an MBA from the University of San Diego and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance from San Jose State University.


Throughout my career, the demands and the expectations for quickly resolving issues and completing projects have been high, and a strong work ethic has been mandatory.  Professionally, I have managed the financial resources of large multi-national companies.  As your representative on the City Council, I will use this experience to ensure City resources are balanced with sound fiscal strategies. 

As a long-term resident of Dublin, maintaining a high quality of life for our community is important to me.  Fixing the traffic congestion and capacity issues in our City's schools resulting from years of growth initiatives, will require effective infrastructure management and dedicated collaborative efforts with our commissions and district representatives.  Physical space will be limited going forward.  So we must encourage smart development and mandate community programs designed to conserve water and power efficiency. 


The future direction of our City will always be dictated by our legacy.   Dublin is in a critical stage of development, and we have an opportunity to build a model city through well-thought planning.  Our community's infrastructure and natural resources should be managed prudently and with an understanding of their future applications.  If we take a holistic view of our community’s needs our success is assured.

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