"Commitment and dedication are the foundation of my candidacy for City Council, attributes that are forged from my passion for our Dublin family community and a sense of fiscal and environmental responsibility.


As a long-term resident of Dublin, I have developed a strong understanding of the needs of our diverse community, and the ability to comprehend complex initiatives and make tough decisions".


Smart Development


Dublin has been one of the fastest growing cities in California for more than two decades.  The City has benefited financially from rapid and extensive development, but at a cost.  Our streets remain congested with traffic and our beautiful natural landscapes have nearly disappeared, replaced by the realistic scenes of endless housing tracts. 


The timing is not great for our civic leaders, who are scrambling to balance the growing demand for infrastructure and services with shrinking financial resources.  Financial challenges continue to mount due to the loss of developer fees and sales tax revenue as our local businesses face economic hardship.


In these complex times, growth must be intelligently managed, based on planning and development that is focused on improving the quality of our community.  The decisions we make today are the legacy for future generations of Dublin families.


As a Council member I will strongly support:

  • re-development projects that make practical use of existing structures for both commercial and residential purposes

  • initiatives that provide for open-space, and balanced economic and environmental sustainability

  • transit zone-oriented mixed use development projects and projects that will have a low density impact on our community

  • Increase the mix of affordable housing, independent and assisted living and memory care facilities for our seniors

  • business initiatives that promote local employment and use of local skilled labor for development projects.

Fiscal Sustainability


Our civic leaders have developed a long-term vision for Dublin.  But questions arise about our City’s ability to execute this plan due to anticipated budgetary shortfalls over the next few years. 


Before the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, our City was facing a ten to fifteen percent projected revenue shortfall.  The economic impact of the health crisis has absolutely increased the financial uncertainty to our community.  We must have a sensible fiscal strategy, and align budgeted resources with the growing needs of our city.


My leadership in finance and my passion to create a more meaningful living environment for our community has prepared me to objectively interpret and decide upon projects placed before Council that are truly in the best interest of Dublin. 



Affordable and Transitional Housing


While our vibrant city grows, it is imperative that we assign a high priority to establishing affordable and transitional housing for our citizens.   Dublin is financially out of reach for many folks across the economic spectrum.  Our grown children and their young families, seniors, teachers, and public safety providers cannot afford to live in our community. 

Dublin has dutifully followed county and state housing guidelines and regulations.  But these actions are not enough. We have an opportunity to create leading-edge plans to adequately address this need, including the development of affordable transitional housing for seniors.  We absolutely need more independent living, assisted living and memory care facilities.  As a commission member and volunteer, I have had the privilege to work with great folks in organizations such as the Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Collaborative Housing Committee, the Dublin Human Services Commission, and the Tri-Valley Haven. These experiences have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of these necessities, and of the growing economic disparity in the Tri-Valley.

Young families are our future and our seniors provide us the guiding light.  We need to retain these folks in our City. This is our community responsibility and will be a top priority for me as a representative of Dublin.

Public Safety


Dublin has a strong public safety program that is well-respected in the County. As a councilmember, I will support initiatives that continue to provide the necessary resources to the fire safety, law-enforcement, and emergency services units to ensure the well-being of our community.

Dublin’s cultural and ethnic diversity is a source of our community’s pride, and we must continue to build upon this foundation.  It is our responsibility as citizens and civic leaders to strengthen the bonds within our community to address the challenges of inequality and discrimination that are plaguing our society.

As a council member, I will support programs that enhance communication and provide education through collaborative partnerships between our law-enforcement providers, our citizens, and our city’s businesses.  

Improve collaborative efforts with City commissions and district boards


Disagreement is necessary and healthy, but collaboration is essential to accomplishing goals.  We have well-meaning dedicated representatives sitting on City commissions and district boards to help establish policies and engage in projects that shape Dublin’s future.  Fortunately, there is independence among these groups, but often-times decisions are made in a vacuum. The commissions, district boards, and City government are interdependent on one another. Actions taken by the School Board or the Water District have an impact on how the City manages its planning activity and resources.  As a Councilmember, I will focus on establishing bridges between the City and these groups to foster a more collaborative environment.